Cryptocurrency trading is an unpredictable environment where only a trader who is well versed in the nuances of working with digital currency can earn. The jumps of the exchange rate to currencies are often sharp, for knowledgeable traders this is a chance to make good money.

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What is a pump and cryptocurrency dump

Pump – the process of artificially raising the cost of cryptocurrency by its mass buying. A dump is an obligatory part of the pump, which follows after the cost of tokens has increased. Investors who have purchased a currency at a low cost sell it at a price inflated by the pump.

Types of Pump

Separate long-term and short-term pump cryptocurrency.

The short-term pump occurs in a few minutes and is used mainly for young, but already known cryptocurrencies. This is due to the low cost of such tokens and the belief of novice traders that its value can naturally grow at any time. So whales buy a huge amount of coins at a low cost at the same time, from which the rate rapidly soars up, and on the wave of growth, novice traders tend to buy as many tokens of rapidly growing cryptocurrency as possible. From that moment on, the pump goes into a dump and the whales sell their coins at a bloated price.

Short-term pump are reflected by a rapid rise in value, holding positions at the top of value for a few seconds and the same sharp rapid fall. Such a pump requires relatively small financial expenses of the organizers. Usually the rate of the non-strengthened currency can be inflated for 50-60 BTC.

A long-term pamp is prepared for several days. For such pumps, currencies are selected from the top twenty rankings. Through the dissemination of information, forecasts are transmitted that the given currency will rise in price in the coming days, plausible and not very good arguments about changes in the company can be given as arguments. A long-term pump can last several days, while up and down can be observed in several stages, and the organizers, respectively, have time to increase their assets several times. To organize a pump for top cryptocurrencies requires significant financial assets of the organizers.

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